Saturday, February 5, 2011

Someone loves her uncle joe!

Saddle Ranch Breakfast... let me say that this was a jan. morning and it was 80 degrees. Gotta love cali weather.little miss personality!
Whenever joe comes around... mom and dad do not exist!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The living aquarium

petting the sting rays with the its a small miracle that i got all the kids to look and smile at one time!
She could have stayed and watched the penguins for hours!!!

Hollins big ski day!

She got her ski boots and immediately wanted to put them on and start practicing her "stance"

then we took her up to try out what she practiced.skiing like a pro

hanging in the lodge at sundance after her hard 3 runs ;)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter time in Utah

Jared decided we should take the kids sledding and pull them behind the rhino. You can't see the rhino here but the kids had a blast.
yum.... her favorite thing to do... eat the snow!
Hawk came to stay with us before xmas and this is what we did...EVERY DAY! ALL DAY!

Hollin playing outside our house the day we woke up to like 2 feet of snow.

Dad teaching hollin to ski.
uncle joe joe
just one of the boys.

Dec 2010

AW i love this pic. The 3 girl cousins all within a year of eachother, and ellie.
Hollin being entertained for an hour throwing food at the birds, that almost took her out a number of times!
Cousin Ellie and her mini me.

Smores for the pregnant lady... i think so!

Camping yet again... this time in CA at the newport dunes.
Goin' for a bike ride with uncle clark.

so after 8 months of not posting here is the longest post ever! Its a recap of our summer. Basically A LOT of camping!!!

Here is Jared giving Hollin a bath in the COLD lake.And if you havent yet discovered Hollin is a TOTAL daddies girl!
Camp fire time.

Yuba Lake
Ya, um, Jared took me for a rhino ride through a swamp at 1 am.... fun times!
Thank goodness for the rv... it makes camping so fun when you have a stove, hot water and a tv! Oh don't forget all the comfy beds and the a/c and heater!!!

Our favorite place to camp, gunnison resevoir.

The wives and kids that like to camp ;)

somehow jared convinced me to get tricky and sit on his shoulders...

it didn't last very long... although after many attempts i think we nailed it!

Oh the good times at provo lake! ;)

Gunny resevoir

my tan babes...

Palm springs...oh i miss the summer right now.

Family overnight to San Diego...

Newport with the Astles

First of all "NANA" and "THE STOTTS" came to visit and we did lots of hiking...

this one is hiking to the top of timp and going through the caves. So cool i would tell anyone who has not done it to do it!

here we are in park city at the roller coaster rides.

and last but not least hiking sundance... stewart falls... my favorite!